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Customs Clearing

We are your CUSTOMS CLEARING AGENT. As it is clearly stipulated in the council of ministries regulation number 108/2004, ‘’Customs clearing agent’’ means a person authorized to deal with customs, for and on behalf of another person, to carry out customs formalities related with the importation, exportation and in general with the movement and storage of such goods with the customs territory of Ethiopia.
Customs Formalities ‘’ means any customs operations carried out in connection with importation, exportation or transit of goods from the time of arrival at the customs port until release from the customs control.
As this is the fact clearly indicated above, the whole responsibility lies with the clearing agent; the reality is deep far from this notion.
One of the severe challenges of clients is customs clearance of their shipment. Customs Clearance needs not only time and patience but a great deal of professionalism and well as an organized network. Since we know all the processes, the way and the need of having an organized system, our company does customs clearance of our clients’ case in the very best way possible.

This is one of the services that make our Tranquil Business Plc. unique and special, doing what others might not be able to do. We bear the burden and headaches of our customers in executing the whole customs formalities by taking the burden by ourselves.
As Customs Clearing Agent Tranquil Business Plc. facilitates the movement of goods through customs by ensuring that the correct documentation is complete by receiving and clearing of imported/exported goods on time from the port through our agents. The operation has joined hands with reputable forwarding co-agents at Djibouti who have the capacity and experience to manage and handover the goods delivered by suppliers.

As customs clearing agents the main function done by Tranquil business plc are:

We finalize the customs process within a short time to minimize the cost of the imported goods to be compatible in the Ethiopian market is the unique & special talent our company renders to its customers.
By availing the services indicated above TRANQUIL BUSINESS PLC enables you to save time and ensure prompt and safe delivery of your shipments to its destination.
Since we greatly value the importance of effective communication we kept our customers well informed at every step in the process of clearing and forwarding of goods. The operation works to ensure the safe delivery of customer’s cargo to destination cost effectively.